When I’m Cleaning Windows…

Hello from the mad house.  Hows all today? Things are getting crazier around here than a room full of Lyndsey Lohens (have you seen that programme yet? Wowsers!)  

It’s now 8 days my friends till publication day of The Life You Left.  Do you ever have times where you seem to be failing miserably at everything? I’m so behind on so many things!  Work is underway to get the house ready for our VIP guests – Tracy, (my agent) with her lovely daughter Grace and my friend author LynnMarie Hulsman are travelling over from USA for the book launch, so efforts are being made to make our house look a little less like a chaotic creche and more like a home than it does right now.

My Mam, an Irish Mammy who tells it like it is, (if you have an Irish Mammy you know what I’m talking about!), called over last weekend and said in a high pitched, hugely worried voice, ‘Tracy, as in your agent who has deer in her garden, is staying here?’

(Do you remember me telling you about my trip to US for book tour of Beyond Grace’s Rainbow? Tracy’s house is Hello magazine territory with deer nibbling the grass in her garden.  I’m not joking!) 

Mam then continued by bestowing on me a look of pure horror at the state of our windows that are currently sporting several sticky handprints.  Oh the shame. I will get to them. Soon. 

I bravely told Mam that Tracy and LynnMarie won’t mind in the slightest, but now the fear has gripped me and all I can see are handprints everywhere.  My children have laid a visible sticky trail all over the house, and somehow or other this has become a new normal for Rog and I, but maybe mother knows best in this case and I’d better go get the steam cleaner out and have a go at removing them.  Soon. 😉

Ok, ramble over, business of the day is to share details on The Life You Left, because I’ve had quite a few messages from people asking whats happening.  The eBook launch happens first on 19th June and then the paperback launch will follow on shortly afterwards on 3rd July!  

You can pre-order your copy in advance, just click the banner below to find links for all online retailers for both eBook and paperback versions! 


Some early reviews from book bloggers have come in and will be shared shortly, but here are a few snippets from the ones I’ve seen so far!


Carmel Harrington has done it again! Brilliantly written and as a second novel for this author, it surpasses all expectations. The Life You Left doesn’t follow the same path as her first novel, Beyond Grace’s Rainbow. It is better! It is mature and beautifully written in such a way that the story line once again, envelops the reader from beginning to end.



The Life You Left will be long remembered by me after the final page. It has a mixture of laughs and tears, love and heartbreak. But to me the book showed that with love, friends and family even your lowest moments can be overcome. Be strong, hold you head high and believe that nothing is impossible.



It’s dark and it’s heartbreaking, but it has a life that runs through these that makes you smile and enjoy it more. Yet again a life lesson has been given through her words and for me this not only proves what an amazing book this is, but what a discovery Carmel Harrington is to the literacy world.



I have been waiting very impatiently for The Life You Left and it definitely did not disappoint! Carmel packed plenty into this simply stunning novel and wrote it to perfection.


I won’t lie, I was and still am nervous.  I have spoken to my author friends and asked them does it get easier with each new book, the nerves that is.  And you know what they told me? Nope, it gets worse! Imagine that!

So, now assured that my nerves are natural, I know that my stomach will continue to flip for a few more weeks, till the launch happens and I am satisfied that you guys, the readers that is, are all satisfied.  

The nerves are not good for my diet either, which was going really well, but the nearer its gotten to launch day, the weaker my resolve to keep my body a temple has become.  And thats not good, because I need a new frock for the launch and it has to be a special frock, because the launch is happening in Enniscorthy Castle.  One can’t wear just anything to a castle!  

I’ve lots more to tell you, but I’ll come back tomorrow to do that, because I want to fill you in on the amazing literary festival that is on 27/29th June in Wexford.

But one thing before I go, for those that are not on my Facebook page and might have missed me whooping about it, this week I was a cover girl for the Health and Living Magazine in the Irish Independent!  Huge fan of the Irish Indo in this house, so always happy to write something for them, but this was my first time getting on the cover of a mag, so lots of excitement from the children, who can now boast that they are cover stars too, at aged 2 and 4! How cool is that?



Heres my favourite pic from the photoshoot, taken in our garden.  I love the look captured on the childrens faces.  








I’ll be back later on to talk about Focal, Wexfords Literary Festival.  And maybe, just maybe, I might even have clean windows.

Chat soon, 

Carmel x 




  1. You came across as fresh and funky in that article. One up on that ridiculous person (polite phrasing) Jamelia.

  2. Please don’t fuss. I’m an easy houseguest. Can’t wait to meet the children and your Mam!!

  3. Your house is just as warm, cozy, and inviting as you are. I’m as comfortable as I can be. I don’t see any dirt or dust, but if it were there, I’d miss it because I’m laughing too hard and enjoying the company of your family too much. And as for your Irish Mammy…she’s a delight.

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