Carmel Harrington has written twelve novels, each stand-alone reads that can be read in any order

The Lighthouse Secret (Harper Collins 2024)

Sweeping Family Saga – Shocking Secrets – Suspenseful Reveals

A vow is made by four lighthouse keepers wives in 1951, never to tell. But someone does tell, and seventy years later, an anonymous letter is sent saying family secrets never remain buried

“A page-turner with wonderfully descriptive language”

The Sunday Times

The Girl From Donegal (Harper Collins 2023)

Sweeping Love Story – Dual Timeline – Emotional Secrets

When Eliza Lavery leaves Donegal in 1939 for a new life in Bermuda, the fateful true-life events on the SS Athenia change her life, with repercussions lasting over eighty years for her and many more.

“Heartwarming with Harrington’s trademark literary twist. We defy you not to say, just one more chapter”

The Belfast Telegraph

A Mother’s Heart (Harper Collins 2022)

Intimate family drama – Heartfelt – Shocking Reveals

When a stepmother finds herself in battle with her children’s grandparents, an explosive secret is revealed that threatens their family’s happiness

“Carmel Harrington is a natural storyteller with heart, humour & hope”



The Moon Over Kilmore Quay (Harper Collins 2021)

Emotional Family Drama – Heartbreaking Twists – Romantic

A young woman receives a letter from her younger self, sending her deep into her family history, where long-buried secrets come to light

A heartwarming story which shows the power of friendship, family and heritage

The Irish Independent

My Pear-Shaped Life (Harper Collins 2020)

USA Road Trip Dramedy – Feel-Good – Quirky Characters

A young actress has hidden so much behind her big smile that she’s forgotten who she is until a life-changing road trip through the USA reminds her of what is truly important

Greta is everywoman, laugh, love and cry with her. I truly couldn’t stop reading. A beautiful, tender and joyful story

Susan Lewis, Sunday Times Bestseller

A Thousand Roads Home (Harper Collins 2018)

Social Issue Drama – Unlikely Heroes – FeelGood

A chance meeting between a homeless single mum, her son and a rough sleeper brings three ordinary people together to do extraordinary things

Warm, uplifting & important … a very VERY special book

Marian Keyes

The Woman at 72 Derry Lane (Harper Collins 2017)

Gripping Family Drama – Deadly Disaster – Heartbreaking

Two women are prisoners in their neighbouring homes, trapped by fear, but has help been next door without them realising it?

Beautifully written, emotionally intelligent & moving in the extreme

The Daily Mail UK

Cold Feet The Lost Years (Harper Collins 2017)

Funny – Relatable  – Heartfelt

A standalone original novel based on the hit TV show Cold Feet, revealing what happened to favourite characters between series five and six

Harrington has captured the characters’ colloquialisms, personalities and group dynamics. An immensely enjoyable companion to the TV show

The Irish Times

The Things I Should Have Told You (Harper Collins 2016)

Campervan Road trip Dramedy – Heartwarming -Inspirational

A broken family are sent on an adventure across Europe in a campervan, guided only by their grandfather’s letters of wisdom and love

A bittersweet tale of family and love on a stunning road trip of self-discovery

The Irish Times Gloss Magazine

Every Time A Bell Rings (Harper Collins 2015)

Magical Drama – Romantic – Sentimental

A foster child who grows up to become a foster mum, questions the value of her life, looking back at the impact she’s had on loved ones

It embraces the spirit and the message of the movie, a must read

Karolyn Grimes, the actress who played ‘Zuzu’, in It’s A Wonderful Life

The Life You Left (Harper Collins 2014)

Suspenseful – Heartfelt – Feel-good

When a mother of three small children is abandoned by her husband, help and complications arrive from an unusual source – her guardian angel, Edward

Engaging from the first page, at times emotional, at others thoughtful, will make you see life in a different way

Woman’s Way

Beyond Grace’s Rainbow (Harper Collins 2013)

Romantic Tearjerker – Heartbreaking Twist – Life-affirming

When a single mum finds out that she needs a bone marrow transplant, she embarks on a search for her unknown biological family, uncovering decades of secrets and lies

A bittersweet, quietly brilliant novel, that will make you cry, laugh and cry all over again

Female First Magazine

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