Flash of genius! Like her other books, it’s a page turner with strong female characters and wonderfully descriptive language, which essentially brings Ballycotton to life.

The Sunday Times

Carmel Harrington shines a light on generational secrets in emotive thriller. It’s easy to see why Harrington is such a popular author, as this is a  great story which covers a variety of themes around female friendship and solidarity, and the corrosive nature of guilt. This tale of dark secrets coming to light is definitely one to pack for the holidays.

Sunday Independent

Mysterious family tale among the lighthouse community of east Cork. Shining a light on Ballycotton, Harrington produces a credible exposition of life amongst the (Lighthouse Keepers’) wives

The Irish Examiner

“If anyone finds out, we’ll hang for what we’ve done.”  It’s a great opener and keeps the reader suspended throughout the story. Harrington wears an impressive amount of research into Irish lighthouses very lightly as she weaves through 70 years of history, and her large legion of fans won’t be disappointed.

Connaught Telegraph

This dual-timeline story is full of secrets, love and all the emotions

Fabulous magazine, The Sun

Big themes and a charming, beguiling read, yet another winner from Carmel

The Belfast Telegraph

It’s like a love letter to Ireland. You always feel better after reading a book by Carmel!

Ireland AM

Carmel Harrington is a natural storyteller … with heart, humour and hope.


Harrington cleverly combines past and present and brings the reader on a journey from Wexford to Brooklyn, blending stories of homesick immigrants with those of settled American-Irish and their friends. A heart-warming story that shows the power of friendship, family and heritage.

Sunday Independent

Heartwarming humour, with tears, laughter & friendship. Immensely enjoyable.

Irish Times

Warm, moving, and thought-provoking.

Dublin City of Literature

A popular voice often compared to the beloved Maeve Binchy, Harrington focuses her books on relationships with a strong emotional overlay.

Library Journal Review

Beautifully written, emotionally intelligent & moving in the extreme.

Daily Mail UK

If I describe this as a charming story, there is a danger that I may appear to be diminishing it. But it is the kind of book that attracts words like uplifting, warm, endearing, an old-fashioned, feel-good story, the kind that will bring tears. It could serve as a good way to test whether you can call yourself a cynic: for the record, this reviewer failed that test.

Irish Echo Australia

Touching in some places, very funny in others.

Irish Independent

Convincing characters, always gripping, endearing, with a cracking pace.

Irish Independent

A nuanced read, but at its heart, a warm novel.

Sunday Independent

Carmel weaves a story that makes you think twice about what you have. It will make you see life in a different way. Deeply moving, hugely evocative, just-what-you-need hug of a novel.

Woman’s Way

This upbeat romance will leave you smiling.

Daily Mirror

An uplifting, relevant must-read.

Image Magazine

A heartwarming and emotional read.

Irish Country Magazine

Heartwarming & Heartbreaking.

Evening Herald

One of Ireland’s most talked-about female authors.

The Irish World

Carmel’s writing is exquisite and she has a real talent for making you believe that you can be extraordinary too.

Indulge Me Magazine

Get your tissues ready! 

Best Magazine

A bittersweet tale of family and love on a stunning road trip of self-discovery.

Irish Times Gloss Magazine

Will melt even the coldest of hearts. Guaranteed to brighten your day.


Quietly brilliant, will make you cry, laugh & cry all over again. 

Female First Magazine

The lesson A Thousand Roads Home teaches you is one that will stay in your heart for a very long time.


Her books are like a hug; they envelop you … clever, finely honed, they make you think and make you grateful.

Ireland AM Book Club

We’re thrilled to include this month’s novel that is sure to catapult itself into the centre of your hearts.  This warm, powerful, unforgettable novel is about second chances, friendship, and unlikely heroes.  Hands down, one of the best books we have EVER read.

Once Upon a Book Club USA

A warm, insightful book packed with heart … Expect tears, laughter and moments of reflection along the way. If you’ve ever wanted to undertake an epic road trip, then this lovely book by Wexford author Carmel Harrington is for you. Book Club

I LOVE it! Warm, uplifting & important…a very VERY special book.

Marian Keyes

Beautifully moving and uplifting.

Cecelia Ahern

Original, funny, moving and brutally honest…perfect for fans of Ruth Jones.

Debbie Johnson

Wow, where do I start … I love her writing, so knew I would automatically adore this, but think it could be her best yet – a completely addictive, heartfelt story peppered with Carmel’s trademark warmth and gentle humour – this gorgeous read truly was the perfect escape from day to day life.

Melissa Hill

So many women will find this book speaks to them.  It makes you laugh and cry, but it is truly inspiring.

Katie Fforde

Sweet, sad, insightful and joyful – this book pressed all the emotion buttons, and I’m so glad it did.

Milly Johnson

Uplifting and powerful…I LOVED it.

Cathy Kelly

Greta is Everywoman; laugh, love and cry with her.  I truly couldn’t stop reading.  A beautiful, tender and joyful story.

Susan Lewis

Poignant and profound, warm and witty, Carmel’s brilliant writing invites us to look beyond the smiley face to the complex tangle of emotions inside us all. I absolutely adored it.

Cathy Bramley

Warm, engrossing storytelling at its best.

Sheila O’Flanagan

I bloody loved it. Funny, heart-wrenching and uplifting all in one.

Beth Reekles

This brave & original novel is both heartwarming, heartbreaking & thoroughly enjoyable.

Liz Nugent

I am utterly STUNNED by this book! Just wow. It’s fearless, brave, compassionate, and so full of heart. My heart has been broken a thousand times & I’ve felt so uplifted by Carmel’s words a thousand times more. This for me, is the Book of the Year!

Claudia Carroll

Sometimes a book comes along at exactly the right time to shine a spotlight on an issue everyone is talking about. Important, life-affirming and bursting with Carmel’s trademark warmth and hope, WIll make you think about things you take for granted. It belongs on everyone’s shelf, and in everyone’s hearts. 

Hazel Gaynor

Timely, moving and FULL of heart. I think this is a novel that’s going to resonate with a lot of readers.

Catherine Ryan Howard

Finished this last night and can’t stop thinking about it. I even dreamt about it. What a remarkable, special, joyous book. It captured my heart. 

Alex Brown

Finally got to read this beautiful, moving book. Carmel Harrington is one talented lady! A complete page-turner and an emotional rollercoaster. Tissues will be required.

Sinead Moriarty


Sinead Crowley

A great portrait of family dynamics told in a warm and relatable way.   

Emma Hannigan

It will pull you in, make you laugh and break your heart – in a good way!

Abby Green

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