About Carmel Harrington

I’m Carmel Harrington and I write contemporary fiction for Harper Collins, where I’ve been dubbed the Queen of Emotional Writing! I swear, I should have shares in kleenex… ;)

But whilst my stories do tend to cover serious topics, I like to mix a lot of humour throughout them too.

If I’m not writing novels, I enjoyfreelance writing for magazines and newspapers. I’ve also discovered a new passion – playwriting and hope to do more of this in the future.

I live in a small village on the Irish coast, with my husband Roger and two children Amelia and Nate. I believe in Happily Ever After’s because that’s what happened to me.

Anything else you should know? Well, I’m pretty much always on a diet, I have hair that frizzes up in hot weather, in cold weather, ok lets face it, in pretty much any weather, I would love to sing on broadway (sadly my talents don’t back up my ambition!), I’m considered quite funny by my friends, on that note, I’m a good friend, love my family, love my dresses, in particular anything vintage, have a wicked handbag collection, possess a pretty decent eye for interior design, am known to for the dozens of photos I snap EVERY day of the children and can make a mean risotto.  Think that pretty much sums it up!

With my family, Rog aka Mr H, Amelia & Nate our children and my stepdaughter Eva.


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Fair warning, you can expect some posts about writing and books and even the occasional blatant plug. Hey, book sales have got to keep me in anti-frizz products and spanx, not to mention the chocolate! But I do promise to keep them to a minimum. I hope you enjoy any time you spend here and if you do  please click ‘Follow’  which you will find on the left hand side sidebar.  You’ll also find icons for all the usual social media sites plus my email on the top left hand side, please do come find me and say hi!

Have a lovely day everyone and always remember this gem – Reading is dreaming with your eyes wide open.

Carmel x

9 thoughts on “About Carmel Harrington

  1. Hi Carmel, a new follower here. Was recommended by the lovely ‘Looking for Blue Sky’ blogger and started snooping around your page as us inquisitive females can do at times and so far liking what I see :-) Just in the middle of setting up my page as soon aim to be no longer a blog virgin!
    Bye for now, Congrats on the book and I’ll be back soon! Best regards, Ruth

    • Hey Ruth, thanks for stopping by! Oh I remember only too well what it’s like in the early days with blogging! It can seem daunting can’t it? When you are up and running, let me know and I’ll pop by! Thanks for the congrats and look forward to seeing you around :)
      Oh and thank you ‘Looking for Blue Sky’ x

  2. Hi Carmel really enjoyed meeting you this evening at Enniscorthy Library – you are a fascinating lady with a real feel good story to tell – I so enjoyed being in your company and I am really looking forward to keeping in touch with you on facebook etc
    Maria Nolan

    • Eileen
      Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know. And thank you for reading Graces story, Im thrilled you enjoyed it.
      If you had a moment, I’d really appreciate a review on amazon if you could.
      Hope you are having a lovely morning. Wet and grey here in Wexford. Carmel.

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