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Catch up with Carmel in some of her interviews in newspapers and magazines, that were also published online:

The Times

Flash of Genius – how a holiday to Cork inspired Carmel Harrington Sunday Times

Time and Space, The Way We Live Now Sunday Times

Irish author dips her toe into Cold Feet Sunday Times

The Sunday Independent

The Diary by Carmel Harrington Sunday Independent

The Best Books of 2020 The Sunday Independent

An authors return to her home lays the ghosts to rest Sunday Independent

On family and home The Sunday Independent

Irish Book Award Shortlist The Sunday Independent 


Write of Passage RTE Guide

RTE Cold Feet, by Irish author Carmel Harrington RTE.ie

BGE Irish Book Award Shortlist RTE.ie

Daily Mail

This Life ‘We couldn’t hold him, it was counter intuitive to every instinct’ Daily Mail

This Life ‘Over the years I wore it to many special occasions’ Daily Mail

‘I’m glad to have Cold Feet’ Daily Mail

On Childhood The Daily Mail

This Life ‘I customised a shoe box into my essential reading kit’ Daily Mail

The Irish Independent

Queens of Irish popular fiction to join Chapters for special Mother’s Day event Irish Independent

The Books Cork Readers checked out most from libraries in 2023 Irish Independent

‘Only recently the kids discovered that I didn’t actually write Somewhere Over the Rainbow Irish Independent

The advice I would give my 18-year-old self The Irish Independent

‘You don’t have to be blood to love a child’ Irish Independent

Andrea Smith asks well-known faces about their first love Irish Independent

‘I’ve spent most of my adult life feeling not quite enough’ Irish Independent

Carmel Harrington finishes up as Festival Chair after five successful years at the helm Wexford People

‘Warm hearts, Cold Feet and big hugs’ The Irish Independent

On family chores The Irish Independent 

‘I’m proud that I bought my first house on my own’ The Irish Independent

Writer’s block, painters elbow, how to unlock your creative side The Irish Independent 

‘Honoured to be included amongst these giants’ Irish Independent

Kilmore Quay has a starring role in new book Wexford People

On parenthood The Irish Independent

I found my reward at the end of the rainbow Irish Independent 

‘I don’t see myself as an older mum’ Irish Independent

Carmel shares insights into her writing process Wexford People

Stay-at-home mum lands book deal Irish Independent

The Irish Daily Star

‘I think what I’m doing now is where I’m meant to be’ The Irish Daily Star

The Mirror

How a novel idea helped Carmel start a new chapter  The Mirror

The Sun

‘Stepmums are always wicked in fairytales’ The Sun

PageTurner – writing during lockdown was escapism for author The Sun

On juggling books, TV & family  The Sun

Read the exclusive new novel extract The Sun

Writer moved into cramped hotel room with her two kids for book research The Sun

The Irish Times

At home with Carmel The Irish Times

‘Deirdre Purcell was as warm and captivating as her writing’ The Irish Times

‘When I hear readers say that popular fiction is their guilty pleasure …’ The Irish Times

From cold sweat to a warm glow Irish Times

Travel is one of the only things you can buy that makes you richer The Irish Times

A riot of wallpaper and kitchen chandeliers at home The Irish Times

Cold Feet The Lost Years The Irish Times

On travel The Irish Times

Sharing her affection for rural Ireland The Gloss Magazine, Irish Times

The Irish Examiner

This much I know Irish Examiner

‘I’m trying to switch off that negative script’ Irish Examiner

‘Love letters to the daddy of all relationships’ Irish Examiner

Irish Writers reflect on love Irish Examiner

The timeless appeal of historical fiction Irish Examiner

Woman’s Way

Lighting the way Q&A Womans Way

Dear Daughter, well known women share their hopes and dreams Woman’s Way

All about my mum by Carmel Harrington Woman’s Way

The Evening Herald

Secrets of a modern marriage Evening Herald

Debut author Carmel piling up book awards Evening Herald

The Wexford People

Local Author does it again Wexford People

Slaneyside Success Stories Slaney News

Carmel helps young Wexford writers with bursary Wexford People

Carmel on set with Cold Feet Wexford People

Wexford author in running for National Book Award The Wexford People

Exciting times ahead  Enniscorthy Guardian

Carmel’s launch a huge success Gorey Guardian 

Carmel’s first book shoots straight to top of charts Wexford People 

“Kindle Book award for local writer” Wexford People


With book launch and Cold Feet, things are hotting up for Carmel Harrington Guardian

RSVP Magazine

The Storytellers, Seven female writers chat about the writing process RSVP

It’s a perfect weekend RSVP Magazine

The Irish World

10 minutes with Carmel Harrington The Irish World

‘Irish author joins Rowling as Book Award Winner’ The Irish World

The Belfast Telegraph

‘My characters must react authentically’ The Belfast Telegraph

‘Emotion across the ocean’ The Belfast Telegraph

The Royal Gazette Bermuda

‘A bestselling author felt like she was going home’ Royal Gazette

My Weekly

Last Love, a short story by Carmel Harrington My Weekly

Donegal News

Summer holidays in Donegal triggers plot for latest novel Donegal News

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