Happy PUB day Cold Feet The Lost Years!

Hi everyone

Well, today is the UK & Ireland publication date of the Mass Paperback edition of Cold Feet The Lost Years.

It’s had a little makeover and is now a stunning blue, with red foil lettering. And I think it looks rather lovely.


I’ve always dreamed big and I continue to do so. But this book was one that even I could never have envisioned.

You know, my great aunt Margaret (Peggy) was terribly ill while I wrote this book and died last year. My family and I are still grieving her loss, we loved her so. But she’s wrapped up in every word of this book. I even created a character named in her honour. The Cold Feet Peggy is a gin-soaked, line-dancing, pensioner who meets Adam at a vulnerable moment in his life. She’s a funny character, with a twinkle in her eye and I think my aunt would have gotten a kick out of her namesake. Maybe, she’s having a giggle right now, dancing with my uncle Terry, sipping gin, in that place you go to. I like to think that anyhow.

At times, life in the H house got pretty crazy as I grappled with the juggle struggle of family, friends and books!  They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, sometimes, it felt like it took a village to help get this book written! The smallest gesture of kindness made a huge difference when I felt overwhelmed with the deadlines! Here are the acknowledgements, in case you’d like to have a peek …


It’s been a joy to see how much the readers have enjoyed catching up with friends from the show. And, it’s also been really cool to hear how some readers, who never watched the show, enjoyed the story too. And are now checking out the show! And now, with the mass paperback edition out in the wild, I look forward to hearing from new readers.

Today, I’m going to celebrate PUB day with lunch with Mr H. Then next week I’m heading to London for a partae! Hodder & Stoughton, my publisher for Cold Feet The Lost Years, is 150 years old and are having a little shindig for their authors in London. I’m attending with my agent and we’ll raise a glass to you all, the readers, and to my great aunt Margaret.

As always, thanks for reading,

Carmel x


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