February. Easy for YOU to say!

Good morning all.

Well, this has been a pretty hectic week! Alongside the fallout of the news about my book deal with HarperCollins (interviews, promo, editing, celebrating!!) my little boy Nate is teething bad.  So he’s in need of lots of Mummy time.  I don’t seem to have a second! But I truly wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely words of congratulations btw.  Means a huge deal to me.

Did anyone hear my TCRfm interview last Friday?  What a lovely team that radio station has.  Mr H and I had a lovely evening, with the TV switched off, bottle of Pinot Noir opened, sitting around the radio listening to Storytime.  Old school! Actually we were listening around the laptop, as we had to tune in online, but you get the picture! It was my first public reading of Beyond Graces Rainbow and I was relieved to hear that I didn’t fluff my words! Mind you, I DO have a problem with the word February.  It just sounds wrong!

Highly recommend switching the TV off though the odd night.  It changes the feel in the house. Things felt a lot more peaceful and relaxed.  So Friday evenings are going to be TV free from now on in.  Also, as both Mr H and I have iPads, we are both guilty of using them every evening.  So we tried an iPad free evening on Saturday, watched Armeggedon for the 55th time (love that movie, even if Bruce Willis wore a dodgy wig in it!) and that was lovely too.  So we are going to have social media free evenings every week.

Anyhow, news! I’m going to be on a lovely radio show called Artyfacts on KFM radio on Wednesday where I’ll be doing my best to avoid saying the word February. And on Sunday I’ll be joining Orla Rapple in the studio on the Sunday Grille on Beat102-103 fm.

I’ve also done some interviews for some of the nationals and local newspapers, which has all been great fun.

And, some of you will have seen this news on Twitter or facebook, so sorry for repeating myself, but last week I found out that my blog was longlisted in 4 categories in the Blog Awards Ireland 2013.  Thank you to any of you who took the time to nominate me.  I look forward to hearing who makes the shortlist.  I won’t lie, it would be very cool to do that!

The Blog Awards also have a category for Best Blog Post and unlike the other categories which are judged by a panel, this is voted for by the public.

The longlist was announced yesterday and to my great joy I found out that I have been nominated twice here!

Naomi’s Story and I’m Just a Minnie Looking for her Mickey

Each week the bottom 5 long listed blog posts will be eliminated until they have their top posts, of which the winning blog post will be chosen by the judging panel.

They are such different posts aren’t they?  One the courageous and emotional interview I did with of a mother whose life changed dramatically when her beautiful baby daughter was diagnosed with Lissencephaly.  

And the other my lighthearted and humorous look at the double entendres that Disney and Pixar throw into our childrens programmes, to keep us adults sane!

I’m proud of both posts and would be so pleased if either of them made the shortlist. But if you are sitting on the fence and wondering which one should you give your vote to, can I respectfully ask you to vote for Naomi’s story?  I would love to win, not for me in the slightest, but for Saoirse.

Click here to cast your vote!

As always, thanks for reading,

Chat soon,

Carmel x


  1. Glad you got to listen to the show. Norman’s going to find out about a podcast for you – they’re just getting set up with those. Wish I could agree with you about Armageddon, but thought it was crap. Good luck with blog awards. But thoroughly agree with the TV free evenings.

  2. I had a high school counselor who pronounced February in the oddest way, and she said it as if she had lockjaw or something. We used to mimic her all the time (I know, that was very unkind of us, but hey we were teenagers!). I’m laughing right now thinking of her, God rest her soul.

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