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Hello everyone!

I’ve finished my first set of edits on book 7! Yay! As yet, no title, but I can tell you that it will be published in Ireland this October, following on in UK and rest of the world Spring 19′. Lots of details coming over the coming months, title, cover and blurb! I cannot wait to share this one with you. I can tell you that the central theme is Homelessness. Told with a happymrsh twist!

I can scarcely believe that I’m saying the words Book 7, you know.  A lot of you, have been with me for years, cheering me on when I published my first book! That means a huge deal. It really does. This gorgeous wall art made by Cosy Home Art, will need an extra book heart added soon!

Speaking of writing books, I know that I have readers and followers here, who are also writers! Or have a dream to write.

And if I had a euro for every time someone has asked me for some advice on how to start, or get to the next stage …

Have you heard about The Inspiration Project? Co-founded by Hazel Gaynor, Catherine Ryan Howard and myself?

Having been there, done all that, and very happily still doing it, we started to think about how we could use our collective experience to help new writers get started, to help frustrated writers get to The End, and to help disenchanted writers fall back in love with their words. So often when we were trying to get published we heard how incredibly difficult it is, not to mention how tough it is to make a living from writing if you do get published. While none of it is easy, the good news is that it can happen. In the last five years we have all made the leap from slush piles and rejection letters to global publishing deals and bestseller lists, and now (hallelujah!) make a living from our writing and believe others can, too. Having got this far, we asked ourselves: what advice would have helped us before the good stuff started happening, and what did we learn after our books hit the shelves?

The Inspiration Project allows writers at any stage of their career to check-out of their busy lives and check-in with their writing. Our weekend creative time-outs focus on delivering practical advice about the publishing industry and developing a career as a writer, while also giving participants the time and space to write. Our Inspiration Shots – dynamic 45-minute coaching sessions packed full of useful information on everything from writing a synopsis to understanding the publishing process – are interspersed with blocks of uninterrupted writing time, writing prompts (for those who need them), and one-on-one mentoring sessions.

We know from experience how difficult it can be to find time to write and think without distraction, so The Inspiration Project events are programmed to make every minute of the 48 hours with us count, before participants return to their busy lives. Think of it as a HIT workout, with less sweating and more wording.

If you are interested in booking a place at the next retreat, here’s the details!

The next Inspiration Project weekend will be held at the Seafield Hotel and Spa Resort, Ballymoney, Gorey, on the Wexford coast, from March 2-4. Full details at theinspirationproject.ie

The package includes 2 nights bed and breakfast in a luxury room. Included in your package is a drinks reception and one evening meal, plus full use of Seafield’s award-winning Oceo Spa. Not to mention a full weekend of our ‘Inspiration Shot’ coaching sessions, one-on-one mentoring and the time and space to write. And we know from personal experience that events like these come with another big benefit that doesn’t appear on the schedule: the renewed motivation and fresh inspiration you’ll take home with you after spending a weekend in the company of other writers who are dreaming big too.

Chat soon,

Carmel x


  1. very proud to be one of those mentioned there “from the very first book”. very proud to be your friend and to know you. xx

  2. I had the privilege to go to the January inspiration project. It was the best decision for my writing I’ve ever made.
    Anyone reading and wondering if it’s right for you? The answer is definitely yes. What did I get from the weekend? So much but above all it silenced that negative voice in my head and now I am “daring, dreaming and doing’

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