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Good morning everyone,

Today starts the first day of my first ever Blog Tour.  Whats a blog tour?  Well, Beyond Graces Rainbow will be featured on a different book reviewers blog for the next two weeks & I will be on their virtual hot seats, answering questions and chatting about all things Grace & co!


So have you been Beyond Graces Rainbow yet?  It’s wonderful for me to hear about so many new readers who have read Graces story over the past week since PUB day.  The reviews are beginning to come in and so far have all been lovely.  I am so thankful for every person who is buying my eBook and helping me creep up on Amazon charts.    For everyone who has helped spread the news about my book, I really appreciate every shout out.  Thank you.

I don’t have a date yet for the paperback release and I know so many of you are (impatiently) waiting! I get asked about this every day and I promise as soon as I know, you will all know!

For now, here is the schedule of wonderful book bloggers who are taking part in the blog tour.  Please check out their blogs, as they are really fantastic.  And I’d like to take a moment to give a special thank you to for hosting this tour.  What do I always say? You rock!

Mon 16th


  1. Yup i’m just marvellous! 😉 I have to say the amount of people asking me about paperback is unreal. All people who have read the eBook first time and want to buy several copies of the paperback for Christmas. Along with them asking if I would be able to get it dedicated and signed! Get that pen ready Carmel. x

  2. Ha! I was also going to ask about the paperbacks, but glad you answered it already in your post Carmel! Congrats on your first reviews too, which I have read and I’m glad so many people love it! Rock on! xx

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