A Thousand Roads Home

The most gripping, heartwrenching page-turner of 2019

Irish Times Bestseller

Amazon Number One Bestseller

An Eason’s Top Ten Favourite Book 2018 (as voted by Irish Readers)



‘Warm, uplifting & important…a very VERY special book’ Marian Keyes

‘Beautifully moving and uplifting’ Cecelia Ahern

Meet Tom. Or Dr O’Grady, as he used to be called.
When you pass him on the street, most people don’t even give him a second glance.
You see, Tom isn’t living his best life. Burdened by grief, he’s only got his loyal dog, Bette Davis,
for company and a rucksack containing his whole world.

Then there’s Ruth and her son, DJ, who no longer have a place to call home.
But Ruth believes that you can change the world by helping one person at a time – and Tom needs her help…

Why readers and authors love Carmel Harrington:

‘At 72 years old I have lived a life that encompasses most of your stories and you give a lift to my soul that inspires me’ Ruth, Norwich

‘Convincing characters, always gripping, endearing, with a cracking pace’ Irish Independent

‘Beautifully written, emotionally intelligent & moving in the extreme’ Daily Mail

Brave and original’ Liz Nugent

‘Important, life-affirming and bursting with Carmel’s trademark warmth and hope. It belongs on everyone’s shelf, and in everyone’s hearts’ Hazel Gaynor

‘Timely, moving and FULL of heart’ Catherine Ryan Howard

‘A remarkable, special, joyous book that captured my heart’ Alex Brown

‘Fearless, brave and so full of heart…Carmel has written her first number one’ Claudia Carroll



Praise for A Thousand Roads Home

I read it. I LOVE it! It makes an important point powerfully but subtly. Warm, uplifting and important…a very VERY special book. 
Marian Keyes
This brave and original novel highlights life lived by the most vulnerable on the margins of society. It is both heartwarming, heartbreaking and thoroughly enjoyable. 
Liz Nugent
A beautifully moving and uplifting story.
Cecelia Ahern
The lesson A Thousand Roads Home teaches you, is one that will stay in your heart a very long time.
Convincing characters, always gripping, endearing, a cracking pace. Every TD in the country should be strapped into a chair and forced to read it. 
Irish Independent
Carmel weaves a story that makes you think twice about what you have. I can’t explain how beautiful this book is, I read it in one sitting and had tears running down my face.
Woman’s Way
An uplifting, relevant must-read.
Image Magazine
I loved it!
Sheila O’Flanagan
I was bewitched and bedazzled by the characters! A read that can make a difference.
Between My Lines 
I am utterly STUNNED by this book! Just wow. It’s fearless, brave, compassionate and so full of heart, I finished it, then wanted to go back to the beginning to start over again. My heart has been broken a thousand times and I’ve felt so uplifted by your words a thousand times more. It’s a stunning read. This for me is the Book of the Year! Ruth and DJ have my heart in their hands. 
Claudia Carroll
Her books are like a hug, they envelop you. Her books are clever, finely honed … they make you think, make you grateful.
Ireland AM Book Club with Aine Toner
Sometimes a book comes along at exactly the right time to shine a spotlight on an issue everyone is talking about. Important, life-affirming and bursting with Carmel’s trademark warmth and hope, A Thousand Roads Home will make you think about things you take for granted. It belongs on everyone’s shelf, and in everyone’s hearts. 
Hazel Gaynor
Timely, moving and FULL of heart. I think this is a novel that’s going to resonate with a lot of readers.
Catherine Ryan Howard
Finished this last night and can’t stop thinking about it. I even dreamt about it. What a remarkable, special, joyous book. It captured my heart.
Alex Brown
Finally got to read this beautiful, moving book. Carmel Harrington is one talented lady!
Sinead Moriarty
Without a shadow of a doubt, my book of the year and nothing will come close before the year is out….simply outstanding.
Book Reviews for U
I loved this book!
Sheila O’Flanagan
A truly gorgeous and inspiring read, it may well make your heart ache, but also fill with love too.



I loved it. Heartbreaking and will make you appreciate some of the everyday things in life that you take for granted.
This book highlights homelessness and what it means in 2018, how ordinary people like me and you can end up homeless. A book that’s for women, men and in fact anyone that loves a brilliant and memorable story.
Paul Dunphy, Self Starter Magazine
A Thousand Roads Home touches on a subject that is an open wound in today’s society. Carmel Harrington has produced another tear jerker which hooks the reader from its opening pages and churns them around in a spin cycle of emotion. 
Margaret Madden
I am blown away. I want Ruth to be my friend and Tom is incredible. This must have been difficult to write, but wow, I couldn’t put it down. Never judge a book by its cover or a person by their appearance. We would all be poorer if we didn’t let people like Ruth, Tom, Ava, Aisling, Kian, DJ even Erica into our lives. 
Margaret Conway
…a warm, powerful and unforgettable novel about friendships, family and unlikely heroes … Carmel’s writing is exquisite and she has a real talent for making you believe that you can be extraordinary too.
IndulgeMe Magazine
I loved this compelling story, which has so much heart and soul. This is essentially a story about kindness and empathy, with the message of how we should all stand up for the underdog. Powerful and emotional.
A book that will make you stop and think, it will bring a tear to your eye and a gentle smile to your face. A heartwarming read.
Swirl and Thread.



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