It's A Wonderful Life actress Karolyn Grimes Endorsement

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For those of you who follow me on FB and twitter, you may have seen this, but for those that haven’t, I have some lovely news!

A few weeks ago, Karolyn Grimes, the beloved actress who played Zuzu in It’s A Wonderful Life, contacted my agent to let her know that she’d read Every Time A Bell Rings. And she loved it!

A short video with her kind words on my book has been made and here it is!

Every Time A Bell Rings, Karolyn Grimes endorsement


Since I shared it on Facebook last week, it’s been viewed 2,964 times and shared over 50 times!

I am going to run a little competition on both Facebook and Twitter, to win a signed copy of Every Time A Bell Rings, to celebrate! If you’ve read already, you can gift it to someone you love and the competition will be open internationally.

Here’s Facebook & Twitter if would like to find me there, to take part in the competition.

I can’t tell you how much this endorsement means to me. I was probably Zuzu’s age when I first saw It’s A Wonderful Life and I fell in love with the movie. I think my first crush was Jimmy Stewart and maybe that’s why it took me a while to find my Mr Right, because I was looking for an old school charmer! I found him eventually in my husband.

Since then, I’ve watched the movie so many times, I can’t put a number on it. But since I was twenty, it’s become my own personal tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve.

Now, every year, when I have everything organised and ready for Christmas Day, I sit down, in front of an open fire, with a G&T or glass of prosecco, and Rog, and we watch the movie. And the scenes that always make me well up are the ones between George Bailey and his daughter Zuzu. Their relationship on screen, their chemistry, is simply perfect.

So to think, that one of the stars of It’s A Wonderful Life, Zuzu no less, has read my book and loved it, is quite overwhelming.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Tracy Brennan my agent, for taking the time to reach out to Karolyn, but most of all, Karolyn, thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

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