“His Way Home” Part 8 A short story written collectively by Harper Impulse authors


This photograph was the inspiration behind the short story, “His Way Home” that is currently being written by a group of Harper Impulse authors, in a series called Written Fireside.

One by one, we are adding our own voices to the previous part told and a story is being created.

To catch up on the story so far, please click on the below links, then read my part! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed continuing Walter and Alice’s story.

Written Fireside November – January
His Way Home 
Starts November 12, 2013New parts every Tuesday
(except Dec. 31st – our holiday break)

Part 1 by Lori Connelly on November 12th
Part 2 by Sarah Lefebve on November 19th
Part 3 by Zara Stoneley on November 26th
Part 4 by Lynn Marie Hulsman on December 3rd
 Part 5 by Romy Sommer on December 10th
 Part 6 by Jane Lark on December 17th
Part 7 by Teresa F Morgan on December 24th
Part 8 by Carmel Harrington on January 7th
Part 9 by Sue Fortin on January 14thPart 10 by Erin Lawless  on January 21th

Part 11 by Mandy Baggot  on January 28th


Part 8 by Carmel Harrington

Walter looked at his daughter, then at his great-grandson in wonder.

“I never thought I’d get to see you both again. But there is much to discuss before it’s time to leave once more.”

Beth glanced at Matthew, who was seemed to be equally baffled by the events unfolding.

Curiouser and curiouser.” She mumbled, feeling like Alice in Wonderland, tumbling through the rabbit hole.

Walter smiled at her,amusement twinkling in his blue eyes, then walked over to Rose and kneeled before her.

“Just concentrate for a few moments and it will help clear the fogginess that comes with using the time-slip.  Then we can talk some more.”

Matthew moved over close to his great-grandfather and said quietly, “You said before that you thought you would never see us both again. What did you mean? I’ve never met you before.”

“Is that so Matthew? Remember that day on the lake when you were 12?”

“When I fell in?” Matthew asked him.  He had almost died on that fateful day, saved only by a courageous act of bravery carried out by a stranger, who dived into the icy waters and rescued him.

Matthew walked closer to Walter and looked him squarely in his eyes. A memory flickered into his brain. Strong arms carrying him to the waters edge, a voice whispering, “there, there son” and familiar blue eyes, looking down at him in concern.

“That was you!” he exclaimed.

Walter simply nodded in response, his eyes filled with tears.  He looked to Alice and smiled.

“I got lucky, I was sent to your time on a day when I could make a difference.”

“That wasn’t luck papa, that was fate.” Alice replied. “I knew the moment you described your rescuer Matthew, that it was Papa.  So I went looking for him, to thank him. Oh how I missed you!” She stood up and walked into her father’s embrace.

Walter gently caressed her hair and held her close.

“I’ve been searching for you too Alice. I knew you were lost out here, looking for me. But I’ve found you now and together we will find our way home.”

Beth reached out and clutched Matthews hand. He pulled her in close.

Alice walked over to them both and clasped their hands within her own.

“I know you both fret about money. I know you both worry about what the future has in store for you.  But trust me when I tell you that you that it is not in New York.  You must stay here on the farm. You have a job to do, like all the Dolvin’s before you.  You must protect the secrets this farm holds. It is time to step up now Matthew and you too Beth.  Because soon……”

Alice reached down and gently touched Beth’s stomach. “A baby girl.”


To be continued by Sue Fortin!

To find out more about the very talented authors involved, here are their contact details! :-

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