Reviews – Beyond Grace’s Rainbow

“I suffered a massive book hangover after reading this. I was crying like a baby when I reached the last few chapters. I cried more for this than I did for The Fault in Our Stars.”

Eve’s Chick Lit Reviews

“This story is going to blow you away, is going to make you cry and is going to make you laugh (not a lot of authors can achieve that). And it is going to stay with you. I am quite sure that I’ll think of it every time that I see a rainbow. ” LostInChickLit

“Carmel Harrington has written a warm, endearing tale of a woman’s journey through illness, good and bad.  It is more a novel of spirit and friendship, love and hope, than one of medical procedures.”


“This author is one to watch out for. Writing with such emotion that you get drawn into the bitter sweet story.” ReviewedbyFran

“…it is romantic, thrilling and  full of fabulous characters”


“Carmel Harrington has written such an emotional book and despite the need to have a box of tissues close to be on the safe side, Beyond Grace’s Rainbow has loads of really sweet and humorous moments.”

 reviewed the book

“This book was breath-taking, although I have read many books that have brought a lump to my throat, this book went one step further, the emotion was so raw and unexpected that I had tears streaming down my face”


“A story filled with love, friendship, sorrow, forgiveness and above all hope BEYOND GRACE’S RAINBOW was a wonderful, unforgettable story that will stay with me for a long time.”


“the final few scenes had me in pieces. The characters’ dialogue during this time is so heartfelt, it’s almost as if Harrington paused in her writing, took a steadying breath and then proceeded to pour all her emotions into every single word.” BestChickLitClub

“Yes, this books will take all your emotions and stir them up until they become stiff enough to pierce to your heart.”


“From the moment the first page is turned, the reader is transported to Grace’s world, where we are shown love, honesty, triumphs and tribulations.”


“There were some of the happiest life-affirming moments in this novel which were followed by some of the most devastating moments I’ve ever read.”

She Loves to Read

Beyond Grace’s Rainbow is a bittersweet, quietly brilliant novel that will make you cry, laugh and cry all over again.”

Female First Magazine

“I felt my heart swell during the romantic bits. Her writing could be described as “funny, poignant and bursting with heartfelt humour”


“All I can say about this book is ‘WOW’! I could easily do a three word review on this and it would be ‘Read it, now’!”

Shaz’s Boudoir Book Blog

“It’s not just for us chick-lit ladies. It’s for everyone who enjoys a good read and a brilliant book. It’s Sensational.”

The Book Geek

“You will laugh, you will cry, you might even get angry.  One thing is for sure – this, thanks to the warmth of writing and the level of feeling Harrington obviously had for her characters, is a story you will never forget.”


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