2013 Imagine, Write, Inspire Flash Fiction Competition. ‘Tivoli’ by Adelle Kenny

And so my friends the time has come to publish the very last entry for the 2013 Imagine, Write, Inspire Flash Fiction Competition.  22 talented writers have submitted their entries and while they are all at very different stages of their journey’s to be published writers, they are all without doubt extremely talented.  I named the competition Imagine, Write, Inspire and the title has been very apt, as I have been extremely inspired by all the writers.  

Tracy, Misja, Karl and I have some work to do now and all the entrants have made our jobs as a judging panel very tough.  The winner will be announced on the 8th June.

For the last time, this year at least, I’m going to suggest that you make yourself a cup of scald and take a few minutes break to enjoy a wonderfully descriptive and imaginative piece from Adelle Kenny.

Thank you everyone for supporting this competition and for the encouragement you have given all the writers.  I know it means a lot to them all. 

Chat tomorrow, 

Carmel x

Tivoli by Adelle Kenny


A car splutters to a stop,  a door opens and closes ,a minute later another door opens, a small grunt then laughter.   Laughter fills the air , infectious laughter, the kind  that  had not been  heard in a long time .Excitement grows as the laughter draws closer

” What is coming , I fill with hope maybe this week will be different  maybe just maybe this is it “.

Bumps, grunts , groans  more laughter was that a small shriek!  It’s been a long long time since there’s been life like this here . 

“Katie “ .

I need to wake again, she needs to live , I need to breathe . The cold seeps through penetrates to every dark corner. Everything is elaborate but heart less, full but empty, false.

Tiredness has taken over, staleness spreads throughout   like forgotten ivy .

Is it too late?  Is she worth saving ?

Footsteps are drawing closer, silence fills the air,  breath is held on both sides of the door .

Expectation , hope ,despair , Cobwebs have taken over and clogged my soul.

“Katie “

Sweet laughter, innocence, sticky fingerprints have turned to   empty vodka bottles, overflowing ashtrays over the years.

Raised voices , no voices, howls, the howls are what haunts me.

Silence, the silence is the worst , it fills me, consumes every recess and has taken over . The fear its gone too far, can it be reversed,   how can it be reversed?

Whispered voices   increasing with intensity get closer , My soul is pounding.

 She cocks her ear, stubs out the unsmoked cigarette,  she moves towards the window.

 She peers through the cobwebbed blinds ,steps away hand to her mouth . My excitement fades as the key is placed In the lock, The ivy begins to creep again.

Stop .

Another giggle,She turns back to the window again peering through .

“Please rescue her”  

T he heavy front  door is shoved, light falls through the door  ,  “I’m the one who’s dying put your back in to it ” hope says and “ who’s Katie ?“

“Woman don’t tell me you are hearing things now aswell as being sick “ that kind gentle voice replies.

Potential stumbles back in through my doors, I sigh momentarily  content at the sight before me .

My mistress  steps back from the safety of her inner door brushing the cobwebs away from the window as she does .

The house  breathes life …..


Adelle Kenny is 35 living in the beautiful  village of Montpelier in Co Limerick with her husband/artist Ger Kenny. Amongst writing her first Novel as yet unnamed she also has another love in her life, her Kenwood Chef and spends many happy weekends baking and then going to the gym or Zumba to dance off the cake.

In an ideal world Adelle would love to have her own book shop /bistro slash art gallery so lovers of writing, reading, eating cake and art can gather together and someday hopefully  her books from the shelves whilst of course eating some form of sugary concoction.



  1. Well done Adelle. Really enjoyed it.

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