Beautifully written, emotionally intelligent & moving in the extreme. DAILY MAIL UK
Carmel Harrington is a natural storyteller … a book with heart, humour and hope. RTE
Heartwarming humour, with tears, laughter & friendship. Immensely enjoyable. IRISH TIMES
Clever, finely honed, they make you think and make you grateful. IRELAND AM BOOK CLUB
Always gripping, endearing, convincing. IRISH INDEPENDENT
I LOVE it! Warm, uplifting & important…a very VERY special book. MARIAN KEYES
Beautifully moving and uplifting. CECELIA AHERN


Books have been one of the greatest loves. From childhood to now, there hasn't been a time in my life where I didn't fall into the world of a new book with joyful abandon. I can remember standing in Wexford Library when I was ten years old, dreaming that one-day MY books would sit on their bookshelves. I still have to pinch myself that my dream became a reality.
I often ask myself if I'm living my best life and this question connects the characters in each of my books too. I like to push them to their limits so that their true selves can be revealed. Because I believe it is only in our darkest moments, that we realise how strong - or weak - we are. When I write, I hear my characters' voices throughout the day, whispering their truths. And they always seem to know their own path, which is often different from the one I set them on in the opening chapters!
I’m a wearer-of-heart-on-my-sleeve type of gal and my books are like that too. They will make you cry and laugh. And reader, know this, I do both when I write them! I suppose you could say that I like to give both rain and sunshine to my characters and my hope is that you, my lovely readers, as a result, get to see all of the colours of the rainbow when you pick up a Carmel Harrington book.
Thank you for reading and dreaming,
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