Carmel has extensive experience as a guest speaker at festivals, libraries and author events in Ireland, UK and USA. She has also given creative writing workshops. Recent events include: West Cork Literary Festival, Listowel Writers Week, Wexford Literary Festival, Red Line Books Festival, Dublin City Libraries, Wexford Library and Brent City Libraries.

Carmel is also a regular on Irish TV, having appeared as a panelist on TV3’s Midday and Virgin Media’s Elaine show for over seven years.

To book Carmel for an event please email here.

In converation with Jackie Lynam, Dublin City Libraries
In conversation with Sam Blake, Ciara Geraghty and Zoe Miller at the Red Line Book Festival


Carmel not only has an incredible story but is a real source of inspiration for anyone who wants to follow their passion. She is such a kind warm person and that really comes across while she’s on stage. Quite simply, if you get the chance to meet her, or see her speak, your life will be all the better for it. I know mine is. John M Sweeney, Founder of

It is, without doubt, one of the best things that I have ever done for myself either personally or professionally. Before the weekend I was focused but now I am focused and full of hopeful possibilities. Sinead Brady, author and attendee of The Inspiration Project, 2018

Carmel Harrington gives more than her expertise and time to those needing to write. Her patience, understanding and encouragement (with a lovely personality) are unending. Sharon Thompson, Author

I was literally at the point of giving up writing and the weekend was just so life-changing for me. I now have a really clear idea of what I want to write, the type of author I want to be and the ‘brand’ I want to create. In particular, I found the one to one session with Carmel Harrington so valuable. Thank you for giving me back my love of writing and for making the dream seem possible again. Brenda Keating, author and attendee of The Inspiration Project, 2018

From following her on Facebook I had an idea of the person that Carmel Harrington is. But to meet her in person, I was blown away by how engaging and giving she is. Sheila Forsey, feedback from an author reading in Enniscorthy Library


  1. Hi Carmel, a new follower here. Was recommended by the lovely ‘Looking for Blue Sky’ blogger and started snooping around your page as us inquisitive females can do at times and so far liking what I see 🙂 Just in the middle of setting up my page as soon aim to be no longer a blog virgin!
    Bye for now, Congrats on the book and I’ll be back soon! Best regards, Ruth

    • Hey Ruth, thanks for stopping by! Oh I remember only too well what it’s like in the early days with blogging! It can seem daunting can’t it? When you are up and running, let me know and I’ll pop by! Thanks for the congrats and look forward to seeing you around 🙂
      Oh and thank you ‘Looking for Blue Sky’ x

  2. Hi Carmel. Love the new look! What a surprise when I clicked on the link today!

  3. Hi Carmel really enjoyed meeting you this evening at Enniscorthy Library – you are a fascinating lady with a real feel good story to tell – I so enjoyed being in your company and I am really looking forward to keeping in touch with you on facebook etc
    Maria Nolan

  4. eileen deloughery

    Carmel, I just finished Beyond Grace’s rainbow, it was beautiful

    • Eileen
      Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know. And thank you for reading Graces story, Im thrilled you enjoyed it.
      If you had a moment, I’d really appreciate a review on amazon if you could.
      Hope you are having a lovely morning. Wet and grey here in Wexford. Carmel.

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