A post all about thanksgiving….and Robert DeNiro talking turkey!

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for so many things. You might expect me to wax lyrical about the personal blessings in my life.  This past year in particular has been so very good to me professionally and it is true, I have much to be thankful for.  But I think I’ve gushed enough about that, so today, my friends, I am showing my gratitude for those things in life that really matter.  Like TV and food and alcohol…. the important stuff you know ;

In no particular order I am thankful for……

The Walking Dead – You either immediately understand why this makes my list, because you too are completely hooked on the goings on in the prison block OR actually, Rick explains this much better than me…….


Cistin Eile – If you know the H’s socially, you know that when Mr H & I go out for some nosh, you’ll only find us in Cistin Eile really.  Warren Gillen is a culinary genius and the staff there are all so friendly.  Yesterday, before Rog took off for a business trip for a few days, we snuck in for a quick sambo.  We both had what I can only describe as a Christmas feast on a plate – The Turkey Doorstep Sambo with Pear Relish, followed by a Pear & Almond Trifle was simply divine, every mouthful an explosion of taste.


My bed – Best investment we ever made was buying a super king sized bed with a really good memory foam mattress.  Seriously, as bed’s go, ours is 5 star hotel quality, the type where you lie onto them and sigh ‘ahhhh’ as your weary body sinks into the soft welcoming cushions.  Only one problem though, it’s so comfortable that the whole family have gotten attached to it. Last night, Mr H was away on business, but I wasn’t alone.  I had company. Lot’s of it.  Amelia, Nate plus a menagerie of toys, including Woody and Buzz Lightyear all mashed into my side of the bed.

This isn’t a picture of my bed, because that would be too weird!  But go on, bet your’e singing now!


The DailyEdge.ie – because at least once a day it makes me smile and sometimes even manages to make me snort with laughter, in recognition of some truth it has satirically posted. Like this….


Snorting with that one!

Amaretto – an italian liquer with a sweet, almondy flavour, that soothes my soul when I’ve had a bad day and am need of a little treat.  Ok, that sounds like I’m being paid by Amaretto, but I’m not honestly.  Its just on my mind right now.  I did have an embarrassing moment this morning mind you, courtesy of this lovely drink.  I was in Aldi’s doing my weekly shop at 9am. And I saw they had Amaretto on offer, so I gleefully picked up a bottle and dreamed of my little treat I’d have tonight.  Only problem is you can’t buy alcohol before 12 in Ireland so my loot was confiscated at the till, with a tut tut look from the cashier.  Bad Mummy, looking for alcohol at 9am!  So even though I don’t actually have any amaretto right now, I will get some tomorrow and this is how I like to drink it – on the rocks or made in coffee, with lashings of cream on top.  I first became acquainted with this lovely drink when in Disney a few years back. We’d done a long day at the parks and were waiting for the evening fireworks.  I was beginning to droop, so Mr H went off in search of a coffee for me.  He came back with a liquer coffee that Disney only serve after 7pm, made with Amaretto with the sweetest cream on top, with shavings of chocolate.  Oh, I can taste it now.  DIVINE! Go on try it!


Christmas FM – it started today. Nuff’ said.


And last but not least, I’m thankful for YOU! 

Without all of your support I wouldn’t be writing.  So my lovely, gorgeous friends, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a lovely evening wherever you are, whether you are tucking into a Turkey Feast over in the USofA or having Beans on toast like us tonight in Wexford!   Here’s a little clip I guarantee will make you smile…..I give you Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal in the best role of their lives…… gobble gobble….

Carmel xxx

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