Couldn’t stop myself. My thoughts on Ms Katie Hopkins.

Last night I watched a video clip of Katie Hopkins on This Morning, where she controversially told a shocked Holly and Philip that she judged children based purely on their name’s.

As I watched the clip it became clear to me that this was just another ‘Z’ list washed up celebrity, desperately trying to claw her way back into the spotlight.
I can actually picture her sitting at home trying to decide what angle she should try.
What would cause the most amount of publicity? And she chose well, because attack our children and attack class and the masses stand up to be counted.

Now I would have thought no more of Little Miss Desperate for Fame, except she’s all over twitter. Complaining about the illiterate jibes and hate mail she’s getting from people. It’s hard to ignore her. More’s the pity.

@KTHopkins: The vocab of angry Charmaines, Tylers, Tylas, Angels and Princesses out there is going a long way to proving my point. Very shouty people.

@KTHopkins: This is not a class war. A class war would have brave knights and a noble rebellion. All we have here are cheap shots and the ignorant.

And I really would have ignored her deliberate silly insults, attacking people for no other reason than being fame hungry (Apprentice, Im a Celebrity Get me out of Here – I rest my case!) but she got nasty.
And she is complaining about nasty insults being hurled at her for her views but then she posts things like this :-

@KTHopkins: Ginger babies. Like a baby. Just so much harder to love.

@KTHopkins: The Justice for the Tyler One has got off to a great start. Tyler has forgotten his placard. And can’t write.

@KTHopkins: Thank you to all that don’t wish to face twitter angst but send emails of support. Nevaeh…. Heaven backwards. Backwards is about right.

@KTHopkins: ‘Hi, this is my daughter Charmaine’. I hear: ‘Hi, I am thick and ignorant’.

So this morning having read the nonsense she was spouting, I grappled with my conscience. Should I simply ignore Katie Hopkins which in fairness is probably the best thing to do, in order to ensure she doesn’t get any more column inches? My initial instinct was yes, ignore the silly woman. But I can’t not respond. I am angry. She has gone from attacking parents name choices for their children to insulting children themselves. And that’s unforgivable.

A line has been crossed. So here I am weighing in to give my opinion.

Katie Hopkins is a bully. No more no less. And I wonder has she even for a moment considered how many people she could hurt with her words.

Right now, a child called one of the names she has slagged off maybe reading a headline generated by Katie Hopkins and who can tell what the damage that could cause.
Well done Katie.

It is so unacceptable to make sweeping generalisations about names and class.

@KTHopkins: The children’s names I dislike correspond closely with the ‘Late Sign In’ sheet at any school office across the country.

So for people who call their children names that Katie deems appropriate will never be late dropping their kids to school? And because they have a name that Katie deems appropriate they are destined for great things in life, unlike the poor children who have parents who got it wrong. Lucky children for getting such a great start in life by having a name that Katie deems appropriate. What a load of nonsense. Without taxing myself even remotely I can think of both prominent and successful Tyler’s and Charmaine’s.

To name one of my favourites, Tyler Perry – actor, director and playwright who happens to be pretty darn articulate too!

Katie also made the statement that people who name their children after place names have appalling taste. She mentioned the names Brooklyn and London as examples.

Now wait for this. Cos’ this is good.

Katie has a daughter called India.

India is actually one of my favourite names. I think Katie chose a great name for her daughter.
But for heaven’s sake Katie, how can you slag off people who call their children after places when you have done the same yourself? Now who is showing a lack of intelligence? That particular argument wasn’t very well thought out.

But if I’m honest that very point just hammers home to me that Katie is only attacking names to be controversial.
It’s kind of sad really isn’t it? To be that desperate for fame that you would attack children.
I wonder what is missing in her life that she feels the need to be in the spotlight so much.
And has she once during this whole publicity stunt thought about how her words might impact her own children’s lives?

Because be very careful what you say in the media, its on record forever and cannot be retracted.
Just imagine in 20 years time and India or Poppy (Katie’s daughters) come home to her with their new love called Tyler. Awkward. Let’s not imagine the carnage if he happened to be ginger.

And speaking of which, her cheap, cruel shot about ginger babies being harder to love only illustrates to the world a side to Katie Hopkins character that is both nasty, cruel and unimaginative.
Her insults don’t actually make any sense. She really needs to work harder at them.

But we really shouldn’t worry because Katie will fade to anonymity again once this dies down. I’m sure she’ll work hard to come up with another publicity stunt. Oh joy. I can’t wait.

And Katie Hopkins, in case you are reading this, was that articulate enough for you?

Chat soon everyone, Carmel x

24 thoughts on “Couldn’t stop myself. My thoughts on Ms Katie Hopkins.

  1. I watched the show last night after it started to go viral. Honestly I think she is ill. Genuinely. The gut feeling I have is that she is on a bipolar high. Her eyes were wild, she was gesticulating madly and she wasn’t rational in what she was saying. Also when you go to the blog post where the controversy originated it was written in February 2008 – then updated in June 2013. So she is attention seeking. I’m guessing it’s about 6 weeks max before she ends up in the Priory.


    • That makes sense. Because nothing else does. I mean, as I said in my blog post, her arguments had no logic to them. Why slag off people who call their children after place names when you have done the very same yourself? I hope she gets help. Not just for her sake, but for her childrens.


  2. I’ve literally just watched her and then this post was next in my news feed. What a horrible woman! Completely agree its clearly a publicity stunt of the worst kind.
    Hadn’t seen her twitter posts but she is infuriating!


  3. She s mad what would she do with diarmuid and tadhg as for your little beautiful red head perfect name but wrong hair. she has ruined her children’s childhood would u let your kids play with hers?


    • Hi Maria, what a really good point. Yes, she probably would approve of Amelia as a name. But as you said, wrong hair colour. The mind boggles.
      Thanks for commenting Maria, appreciate that.


  4. Must say I had to google this Z lister must say she always was very annoying. I read this comment on another site couldnt believe it!! ‘I target children that I think will be a good influence and curtail friendships with children I think will drag them down’.
    Seems to be what a lot of parents do. As an ex-teacher, I remember the office staff used to go through the list of new intake and try and work out who would be an “bad ‘un” based on their names.
    How bad is that if true but why post it if it wasn’t true? I would believe it as if any of us went to school where your older sisters went before you, teachers would have already made there minds up on you based on your sisters!! Ouch 😉

    Must say I find it very easy to love red heads just look at my fabulous sister Ev and niece Ameila point made but it’s blonde haired bimbos like Kate Hopkins that I would find hard to…..well words fail me!!


    • I could cope with her comments on liking/disliking names – because names are subjective. But to make gross generalisations based on a name is just plain ridiculous. I’m shocked that staff did that in a school you were in Leah. Not nice!
      And yes, redheads rock. It was that comment that really tipped me over the edge and prompted my blog post! Thanks for commenting Leah.


  5. Sorry think my reply read wrong the ex-teacher was talking about the office staff in her school based in the UK not where I went thankfully!


  6. I too had to google Katie Hopkins after I went ‘who?’ and found quite a few things about her (Daily Mail, mind you) which point to – how can I put this delicately? – some behaviour which would classify her, through her actions and not her name (mind you, there is a certain Ms. Price who gives the name a somewhat less than chaste flavour) as someone unsuitable as per her own predjudices.
    Whilst I haven’t seen said programme – and have no intention of subjecting myself to her brand of opinion – it would seem from the concensus of reports that her desperation for media attention has made her prostitute herself to sink rather low. What will India, Poppy and any other children of hers think when they are adults?
    God help us and spare us from such fake people who have to manifacture their personalities… I have actually ended up feeling rather sorry for her!


    • Cath, thank you for taking the time to comment. You are so right, really fake. I have just had a peek at twitter and she is slating new names every few hours to ensure she stays in the spotlight. As you said, sad.
      Well said Cath.


      • Ah sure, she’s only showing herself up for what a confused and delusional person she is. Let’s thank our lucky stars we aren’t her!


  7. I agree with you, a complete publicity stunt. I watched the video yesterday with my mouth open! It does show what a nasty shallow person she must be that she chose to pick on children’s names. Shame on her …..


    • Thank you Carmel for stopping by and for your comments, yes she really has crossed a line. But she has achieved her objective because she’s had so much publicity. At what cost though to others though.
      Now on another matter, I am known for my love of handbags, so your username has me smiling!


      • I create Custom made handbags Carmel, you can check out some of my work at Before the big ‘R’ hit I did create a lot more but now the caricatures have taken over. At the moment I am in the middle of creating two bags and 5 caricatures. Love keeping a hand in creating but I do have to remember to feed the kids and do the laundry 😉 Glad I found the Irish Bloggers group on Facebook and your blog. Love reading other peoples blogs, it’s a window into life today.


  8. I’m afraid I had to resort to google as I’d never heard of Kate Hopkins. First line on Wikipedia was ‘…reality tv contestant…’ and was enough for me! Says it all or perhaps I’m guilty of judging people by the fact they do bad reality tv?! However her comments do seem irrational at the very least…. or fame-grabbing?


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