A Few Good Men – Happy Fathers Day

I have been lucky as I have always been surrounded by good men my entire life.

My step grandfather John Farrelly, whom I called John Dad, loved me unconditionally and I felt that every day I knew him until his death. He also taught me that you don’t have to be related by blood to be family, something that I now have experienced myself with my stepdaughter.

And then theres my Uncle and Godfather Nigel Payne who maybe geographically challenged by living on the other side of the world, but has always made his presence known in my life by being a strong and kind man I greatly admire and love and know I can rely on, no matter where he is.

If you know me, you know that one of my best friends in life is my brother John. We grew up together side by side and I’m inordinately proud of the man he has become today and of the Father he is everyday to his beautiful daughter Matilda.

But today I want to pay special tribute to two special men, My father – Daddy – Michael O’Grady and my husband – Daddy to my children – Roger Harrington.


My earliest memories are all of Daddy. I can remember how it felt to hold his hand as we walked down the road. His hands were so big, I loved how it felt to lose my little hand inside his.
He was and still is the funniest man I know. End of. He can make me laugh within seconds of telling me his tall tales. Nobody can spin a yarn like my father. But more than that, he is one of the wisest men I know. If in trouble he is good counsel to visit.
Some of his wise sayings I live by are :-

‘don’t meet trouble halfway’ and ‘if the secret isn’t worth YOU keeping quiet about, why would you expect anyone else to keep it for you.’

Told you, wise.

There’s a saying that a daughter needs her Dad to be the standard of which she judges all men and for me, my Daddy set the bar very high.

I learned well from my father and have chosen the best man there is for my husband and father to our children, exceeding any standard that was expected.

Everyday Rog earns the title Daddy with his actions. He loves his children with his whole heart. He works hard to provide a nice life for his children. He plays with his children every spare second he has. He showers them with hugs and kisses so that there is no doubt whatsoever for them, that they are not only loved, they are adored.

I am proud to parent with Rog, because he makes my role as a mother so much more by just having him by my side.


4 thoughts on “A Few Good Men – Happy Fathers Day

  1. Dads rule. A big hand to all the Daddy’s girls out there. They deserve much love. Mammies make everything happen, but daddies are the ones who make time to play with you.


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